Finally, a Tumblr theme that is as colorful as you are!Say hello to endless scrolling, a clean design, and infinite color combinations.

  • Grid layout
  • Endless scrolling
  • Custom background colors
  • Enlarge posts with one click

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Foodie’s Feed / Death to the Stock / Jay Mantri / Little Visuals
Picjumbo / New Old Stock / Refe / Unsplash / Gratisography

I get quite a few questions about where I find my stock images that are used in live previews so here’s a list of my favourite (all can be found on the resources page). Most of these are free to use on personal and commercial projects but double check the licenses before use.



8 image options: background, sidebar, permalinks, scrollbar, cursor, cursor hover, bullets and favicon.

16 optional features: max background, gradient background, 250px or 400px posts, one or two columns, left or centered posts, tags, captions, outer border, outer border gradient, crosshair cursor, custom cursor, image fade, grayscale, and image invert.

34 color options

Other notable features: infinite scroll (no pagination!), six optional links, reblog button on posts (barcode), gradient background can be left to right, top to bottom, or diagonal, fully movable sidebar, and descriptions and tags that may be typed infinitely in.

Image Sources:  X X X

More info under the cut—

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An elegant and classy Tumblr blog theme perfect for fashion enthusiasts.

  • Clean and minimalistic responsive design
  • Traditional layout
  • Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Dribbble widget integration
  • Choose from over 600 fonts with Google web font integration
  • Over 50 customisation options including custom logo, colours and background image upload

See Couturier and more at


Theme 1: Our Love Is God

Inspired by the musical Heathers

live previewpastebin

  • 500px posts
  • 3 slide out sidebars
  • 5 links
  • Appear text updates tab 
  • All colors are customizable
  • More details and instructions written into code

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theme #28
↳ preview | code

  • Infinite Scroll !
  • 400 / 500 Size Posts
  • Side Image
  • 4 Standard Links
  • 6 Extra Links


"styles theme" by meroku (click to enlarge)

this theme features 2 styles so it’s like 2 themes in 1. you can select either of them and customize to your liking. please read on for features and customizations!! (not a redux theme but kinda sorta inspired))


  • 4 post sizes, 250, 350, 400, 500
  • optional shadows with 2 different styles to have them
  • 3 different optional borders, solid, dashed and dotted
  • in style 1, background opacity
  • in style 2, the option to position your description box wherever you want it
  • lots of color customizations
  • optional background image
  • fonts to select from
  • post info border option
  • optional infinite scrolling

preview 1 / preview 2 / code

continue reading on for some quick info about customizing:

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可能な虹 / possible rainbow theme (lmao i’m obviously out of ideas)
so for some quick info, it’s called possible rainbow because it has the potential to be a very colorful theme with everything you see being changed to it’s own custom color. on the other hand, if you don’t want a colorful blog, it can be a simple theme with one flat set of colors of your choice.


  • 250px, 400px, 500px post sizes
  • optional sidebar background
  • everything has colors, absolutely everything
  • so go crazy ok!!!
  • let me know if there’s a problem

preview - pastebin //+ you can click to enlarge photos


Template for banner book by Ps Perfect I hope you enjoy and use. This templete is to be used in banner e etc. Do not forget to like or reblog if you download and use. Always credite <3!

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  • Questions just go on ask
  • Always credite. 



THEME #3: FLUX by luscifers


☆ pop-up sections for your ask, navigation and about pages. you can customize these by scrolling down to the <body> section of the code and looking for: 


☆ update tabs: same procedure as above, but look for:  


☆ icon font: you can change the updates & date icons by typing individual letters in the customization panel. it’s case sensitive, so make sure to try both lowercase and uppercase letters!

☆ etc: 400px posts, optional captions, customizable colors, 8 custom links in navigation section, solid color or image background, optional shadows, optional rounded corners, hover tags, and more.

☆ note: your title should be two words long! if you want to change the height or size or whatever, find #maint in the <style> section of the code and change it manually.


☆ preview // code.
note: in this version the post backgrounds are transparent, meaning they’ll be the same as your main background image or color.

☆ preview // code