this is called the absolute navigation page bc it is ABSOLUTE. actually i intended for it to be a lot cuter but i got lazy and impatient. anyway, the reason it’s absolute is because it’s an about page, a links page, and an ask page all in one, but it looks super simple and clean. so basically you don’t need a ton of links on your blog, you can just link to this one page with everything on it. i didn’t set up a preview page because it’s not necessary. the code is also super simple to edit, just read through it, and if you still can’t figure it out you can ask just about anyone on tumblr with a bit of html know-how and they can help you.

to use it just copy one of these codes

B&W version code // pink version code

then go to tumblr.com/customize and scroll down to where you can add a new page to your blog. in the page settings select the custom html option, and then paste the code. then edit it as much as you like and fill it with all your tags and links and your life story.


xix. Nebula, by solus themes
     ↳ live preview | code

optional border
8 optional/customizable pop-up links
250px posts (400px on permalink)
200px sidebar

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I’ve been sitting here for like ten minutes laughing at Joshua Burrage’s locations on his Instagram photos


↓ navigation/tags page 04 by stratfor-d

live preview | code

  • tiny cursor
  • customized scrollbar
  • customized tooltip
  • six groups
  • you can add as many tags/links as you want
  • cute colors (◕‿◕✿)

please like or reblog first before you use it & keep the credits intactenjoy! :)

Theme Lovecrimes

This theme features 

  • 400 posts only
  • Three custom links
  • Optional search bar
  • Optional if show tags on index page
  • Optional side image
  • Side image must be 100x100
  • Hover post for info 

Static preview 1 - Static preview 2 - Code 


theme 17 : FACADE

  • 4 customizable links
  • 400px posts
  • Slide out askbox
  • Tons of custom options! Including: Audio Post Colors, Body background, Pattern Header, etc.
N O T E S:

Only the first few tags come up on this theme. Mainly because it looks best with only 3-5 tags on the Index Page. Once you click through they are hidden on the Permalink Page. So don’t worry if not all your tags are appearing its suppose to do that to keep the theme nice and neat.

  • Please don’t remove the credit
  • Don’t repost and claim as your own
  • Feel free to edit and customize as much as you want!
  • ♥ or reblog if you’re using

lpreview || code

ii.  neon lights by tinyxo

  • preview / code
  • 500px entry posts
  • four custom links
  • customizable font size for sidebar title

Please leave all credits on, do not redistribute or claim as your own. This is not a base code! If you need any help, send me a message!


Theme #43 by soonjun

preview: here // pastebin: here

Links: 5 custom + home, ask and archive (can be changed/can add more);
Post Size Options:  250px, 400px or 500px;
Other Options:

  • text size;
  • text font;
  • post distance;
  • line height;
  • infinite scroll;
  • greyscale;
  • opacity;
  • caption;
  • different cursor, tiny cursor or custom cursor.

Please like or reblog if using. And let me know if there are any issues.

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Theme #08 Oblivion by wargbran/kilmorecove

Preview: live (temporary), static

Code: pastebin, freetexthost (wait 5 seconds then click “skip ad”)


- 400px wide posts only

- 50px wide header icon

- Sidebar that appears after clicking on the header link

- Up to 5 sidebar links

- Photo and photosets’ caption visible on hover

- Optional Lazy Load

- Optional scroll to top button


- Icon: calicons

- Sidebar: sidr tutorial

Do not move/remove/edit in any way the credits, do not redistribute and/or claim the code as your own and do not copy, thanks.



So it was requested a while ago but I have finally found the time to finish making this. It’s basically the exact same as the FAQ page I have on this blog. I have also included a tutorial if you wanted to make your own version or learn the process.

I also strongly suggest you customize this (at least the colours) to fit your own blog or then it could feel “disconnected” as it’s made to suit this blog.

- Codes OnlyExample (temp)
- Last Update: 23 December 2013 
- Support: InstallingCustomizingFAQ

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